It is not a secret that football or “American football” is one of the main symbols of the United States. Football is considered to have been the favorite kind of sport of US residents since 1972, when it firstly beat baseball. Today football has transformed from a hobby or even a kind of sport to an enormous sophisticated  business model.

It’s more than sport

These days football has become a huge industry with a pile of preferences, first of all, financial. 

Today players can make money drawing on their popularity. Such celebrities like Aaron Charles Rodgers, Julio Jones, Wentworth Earl Miller and others have already turned into personal  brands.

Likewise changed the role of football clubs. They get advantages of their famous names, concluding multimillion-dollar agreements with sponsors, selling rights to television broadcasts and in every possible way trading their own attractiveness for advertisers. The North American marketing strategy is involved too. Clubs try to maintain official fan clubs in different states, because it provides a steady income from the sale of merchandise.

Also stadiums as an advertising platform present a stable source of income. TV ratings for NFL matches are higher than those of other North American sports leagues. On the day of the Super Bowl – the decisive match of the season in the NFL –  nearly 100 million american spectators watch the game. So it’s not weird that  in the course of the match lot’s of advertisements can be broadcasted on LED displays.

Can you cash in the football sphere?

Not only football players, representatives of popular sport clubs or advertisers can make money here. Just imagine, you are able to obtain preferences merely watching matches and profiting off. Modern gambling market offers a pile of opportunities for anyone in spite of social standing, place of residence, competence, engagement rate, etc.

So what is sport betting over the network? Basically a bet is a strict sum of money transferred to a bookmaker under certain conditions. Bookmaker is considered to be an organizator or mediator of the game. Gambling maker’s main aim is to predict the results of the match, especially to guess the winner in advance. In case the stake hits home, the last one gains money. Bets can be placed during matches, long before them or just before the start. 

It’s worth mentioning that there are different types of bets.

The simplest and ideal for beginners is a solitary stake.  The only one event is chosen to  gamble on a defined outcome. Here is the list of popular solitary combinations:

  • “Single” – is a bet on a single outcome of the match;
  • “Double Chance” – is put on two out of three possible outcomes of the match;
  • “Handicap” – the points difference in favor of one of the teams is considered;
  • “Total” – includes the total number of points received by a particular team according to the results of the match;
  • “Time-match” – is done on the outcome of the first half and the entire match as a whole. It combines options for both solitary and group ones.

When the championships are held, group bets may bring profit. It is harder and requires higher competence in backing against the field. There are such group combinations as:

  • “Express” – calls for gambling on several events. If all of them are successful, the gain will be higher than with a single stake: the coefficients are multiplied among themselves and by the amount of the bet. 
  • “System”refers to a few expresses, each of which includes the same number of events (more than two). Even if one bet fell down, it doesn’t have influence on the others.

Plural stakes are different combinations of group and single ones. The following are the most popular:

  • Trixie. Three events are selected and four are put on: three double “express” and one triple. 
  • Patent includes seven bets: four Trixie and three singles per event.
  • Yankee. Four events are selected and 11 bets are made: 6 double “express”, 4 triple and one – on four events at once.

To be successful and take part in betting business on an ongoing basis is important to have a strategy that will allow to achieve constant benefits.

There are three categories of strategies:

  • Long term – is based on the analysis of statistics data. Usually futures stakes, put on a few weeks before the start of the match or championship, are implemented. The risk is minimal.
  • Pre-match – is applied immediately before the event starts. The current data is used. 
  • Live – betting opens after the start of the match.

Football bets: pros and cons

Parimatch betting on cricketAfter we have figured out what this business is indeed, let’s highlight the pros and cons of this. We can mind these advantages:

  • Insurance. It’s not obligatory to create every express manually. Instead the system can be assembled in one system. Different combinations are included too. 
  • High coefficient. Although the sum of potential winnings is at a high level. In case of winning, it increases in 2-3 times.
  • Wide coverage of kinds of sports. It is suitable for betting not only on football matches.

However, we can’t forget about the disadvantages:

  • Increased markup. It is multiplied to the coefficients. This means that over a long distance, the betmaker has a high chance of being on the losing side.
  • Ambiguous gain. The system consists of different bet expresses. While selecting the outcomes with low coefficients, even if one or more bets pass, failure is inevitable.

Conclusion: is it a reliable way to make money?

To sum up, sport betting has definitely become a worldspread way of getting benefits. As the modern football sphere represents a real business system, it may be a good opportunity to turn personal football affection on the source of incomes. Though there are pros and cons, finally gambling constitutes rather an excellent choice.