Football: origin, setting, actual state

American football or football itself is the most popular kind of sport in the US, where only baseball can beat it. 

To dot one’s i’s and cross one’s t’s, you need to figure something out: the scheme of It is based on a strict turn-based strategy.

It is a team contact game in which two teams of eleven players participate competing with each other. The game is held on a rectangular field with a special oval ball. Its goal is to score the maximum number of points by bringing the ball into the opponent’s scoring area (touchdown) or scoring it into the goalposts from their own field goals. Whoever gains more points becomes the winner. 


There are several versions of its origin. On the one hand, it’s believed football was invented in 1823 in the town of Rugby. During the match, one of the players broke the rules and ran to the goal of another team, holding the ball in his hands. This led to the appearance of rugby too. On the other hand, it happened in 1869, when a match between the teams of Rutgers and Princeton universities took place. Combined rules of both rugby and soccer were implemented. There is a belief that it was the first football match.


The new game was well accepted and expanded in a flash. Walter Camp, famous trainer, was first to establish the main rules of the game. Firstly it was full of dangerous power techniques able to  lead to serious injuries of players, much more than there were death cases. The society zealously demanded to change the rules of the game, for instance, even Theodore Roosevelt entered his claim. The rules were changed and high penalties for rough play were put on, the number of players decreased from 15 to 11 and the speed predominated the strength.

Kinds of this sports

There are two kinds of football: American and Canadian. The main differences are in the size of the field, the number of introduced footballers, the position of the goal, the uniform type, etc.

Also we can mention indoor and outdoor games. The first one takes place in a specially equipped hall and is popular among school children. The second one is spread among students, clubs, etc.

Leagues and teams

The first league is considered to be the National Football League (NFL). But also the American Football League is a popular one. Then, in 1970, leagues were merged in the NFL – the most popular modern competition in the US.

By the way, let’s mention some well-known teams, among them: New England patriots, Arizona Cardinals, Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, Miami Dolphins, etc.

What is the modern issue?

Today football has transformed from a kind of sport to an entertainment business model. Every year the Super Bowl matches gather thousands of fans, so that advertisers and clubs can make money. 

Spectators also can gain, for example, by making stakes. Sport betting business is broadly spread among fans. It’s a convenient way not only to enjoy the games, but to earn with the help of the competence. Certainly there are pros and cons, however advantages surpass disadvantages. Here works the “make bets and gain” rule, because it’s a really very convenient way to earn. 

You can choose different kinds of bets and their combinations. If you predict correctly, you win. Coefficients fixed by bookmakers allow double and triple profit. Everything is so easy, cash in here and now!

Let’s put everything together

American football has an ambiguous history. The kind of sport was modified significantly over time. Nowadays we know many football teams, such as the Arizona Cardinals, that influence its evolution. Though it became a new business model, even fans can get benefits from stakes.